SF Bay Area WordPress website upgrade, repair, and maintenance

My name is Marat, and I’m a software developer local to the SF Bay Area. This website is for my website upgrade, repair, and maintenance business.

If you would like to improve your site, or fix some technical issues, I can likely do it for you, and I will not bill you until the work is done and your problem is either fixed, or I find you a practical work-around. And if I cannot resolve your problem, I will not take your money.

You can reach me at 628-252-8070, or debugger@exceptionwrangler.com

I can also meet with local clients in person.

Most of the work I’ve done so far involves repair and maintenance of WordPress sites.

  • Can’t upgrade your WordPress core or your theme because you already have custom functionality incorrectly added into the core or the theme? — I can split-out this custom functionality into a separate plugin or a child theme so you can upgrade. I’ve done that already for several clients.
  • Do you need some special widget that’s not available anywhere, or do you want to tweak an existing widget in such a way that its built-in options don’t allow? — I can make a custom widget for you or tweak an existing one to give it the options you need. I’ve done that already for several clients.
  • Are you banging your head against an existing WordPress bug, or a conflict between 2 or more plugins / themes that you absolutely need to use? — I can debug the bug, and create a work-around for you.
  • Do you just need to improve your page layout? — I’ve done that for several clients.
  • Do you need a good gallery plugin that is easy to set up, downloads images efficiently, and works well across all iPhones/iPods/iPads? — I’ve got just the plugin for you.
  • How about some banner icons that adjust responsively on mobile devices?? No problemo!
  • Online contact form?? Ditto!
  • Your entire site is swallowed without a trace by the GoDaddy Black Hole of Doom. — I can rebuild your site by whatever local backup you may have, or use whatever scraps and content you have cached or that the Wayback Machine may have, and deploy it on a responsible hosting provider that will keep your site safe, which is what I did already for one of my clients.
  • How about do you want to be able to try some new look or feature first before deploying it to production? — I can mirror your site on a development server, and let you preview the changes on there before deploying them to production.
  • Need some theme customizations? — You got it!
  • How about filtering a list of posts / pages / thumbnails etc by certain category or criteria? — It can be done!
  • Add custom meta data to your records, or implement custom post types? — That’s what WordPress is for!
  • Tweak widgets from one plugin to look just like widgets from another theme or plugin for consistent appearance? — Easy!
  • Make certain un-responsive site elements responsive so that the site looks good on mobile? — Ditto!
  • WordPress site not loading because of incorrect DNS records or incorrect site / database config? — I can fix that.
  • Want to switch over to secure HTTPS / SSL? — I can do that for you securely!
  • Getting the “Not Secure” error when browsing your site, with images not loading and layout all messed-up? I can fix that mess for you securely as well!
  • Want to render alternative post summary text? — I’ve already done that for one of my clients, and can do it for you as well.
  • Do you need special logic to force WordPress to always route all child pages, even the child pages with paths that begin with same slugs as custom post types, which is normally not allowed in WordPress? How about custom logic to be able to configure a unique phantom URL to a non-existent post to actually serve a specific page or post at that URL as if it actually was at that location, enabling site administrators to swap in and out which post they’d actually like to appear there? — I am here.
  • Do you need to backup / clone / copy / transfer MySQL databases? — I can do that and show you how.
  • How about page caching for faster response, which helps raise your search engine ratings? — No sweat!
  • Do you want to deploy a new WordPress site over the old, but in such a way that the old site’s links cached by search engines still point to the analogous pages? How about deploy a new site over the old, do it instantaneously, and even have an option to instantaneously rollback if there was some problem with the new site? — I’ve done deployments like that for a client, except we did not have to use the rollback feature.
  • Are your users having some kind of really weird authentication problems? — I’ve debugged those for a client.
  • Are you perplexed by some other weird site behavior, like your users still getting emails after unsubscribing? — I can look into that and figure out what’s going on.

Plugins I published so far:


Free initial consultation over the phone!

628-252-8070 debugger@exceptionwrangler.com